We value customers. We try to satisfy each of you and fulfill your ideas to 100%. We can cope with demanding tasks.


Nearly 30 years of experience makes us a true market expert. All employees have extensive experience in the field.


In our company we honor the guarantee in the first place. After reporting the defect, we will immediately repair it at our own expense.

Latest projects

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Why choose us?

Jan Hauzr company was founded in 1991 as a physical entity with a single owner and operates mainly in the Karlovy Vary region in the Czech Republic. (at this moment expanding to the Germany). The main activities are metal finishing, concrete remediation and small metal work. Thanks to more than 20 years of practice, our company has gained great experience in surface treatment of these structures: all steel stuctures (bridges, buildings, technological equipment, towers, silos, tanks, roofs, crane etc..), reinforced concrete structures (reservoirs, bridges, footings, piers, etc..), masonry and stone. We provide pre-treatment of surface with abrasive blasting (sandblasting), pressure and high-pressure washing with water, metallization, coating systems, facade paints and fire resistant coatings. In carrying out this work we use our own mobile platform (13 meters high) and scaffold (depends on the investor). Our company cares about the quality of permorfed work, including observance of custormer term requirements, and maintaining affordability of contract.

Working with us

Modernization of buildings, fresh appearance and reconstruction of damaged surfaces

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